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Mobile Internet Access

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The m.WAP platform provides cellular subscribers with a link to Internet WAP/WEB resources.

The platform includes all components required to process WAP requests, perform platform module load balancing, administer the platform and monitor its status, and collect and store platform operating statistics.

The platform is easily scalable and can be integrated with similar platforms from other vendors.

m.WAP - WAP Gateway

The m.Router and m.W2Router routers are used to initially process WAP 1.x and WAP 2.x requests and route them in accordance with specified routing rules and the current platform load level;

The m.Direct WAP gateway handles WAP requests from mobile terminals and converts them into HTTP requests. Responses from Internet resources are converted in accordance with the requirements of the WAP 1.x protocol.

The m.Proxy proxy server is used to exchange data with Internet resources.

Content being sent to the terminal is tailored by the m.CA module, which operates under the control of the m.ICAP ICAP server.

The m.Charge module creates billing entries for the billing system.

The distribution includes:
  • A software license agreement;
  • Documentation;
  • Warranted technical support.
In addition, we can perform:
  • Installation and integration tasks;
  • Personnel training;
  • Customization for the customer's infrastructure;
  • Technical support after the end of the warranty period.