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SMS center with expanded functionality


The m.SMSC+ platform is a feature-rich center for processing SMS messages, supporting all modern SMSC standards.

Standard SMS center functionality has been expanded by a set of additional subscriber features, for example:
  • forwarding of incoming messages, both together with voice calls, as well as separately, for all or for a specified list of numbers;
  • storing a message log;
  • sending message copies to electronic mail and distributed Instant Messaging services (ICQ, Google Talk, MSN, etc.);
  • sending IM messages to subscriber telephones in the form of SMS messages;
  • distributing messages per a schedule in the form of standard or Flash SMS messages;
  • autoresponder messages sent in response to all or to selected senders upon receipt of SMS messages from them;
  • inserting custom signatures at the end of messages;
  • inserting lines, specified by the subscriber, as the sender's name (number) in all messages sent by the subscriber;
  • using "black" and "white" lists of telephone numbers to filter incoming and outgoing messages;
  • converting SMS into Flash SMS messages.

The subscriber is provided a WEB interface for managing m.SMSC+ service settings and access to message logs.

m.SMSC+ = SMS+ Service (SMS Plus)
The m.SMSS SMS server:
  • delivers SMS messages to mobile terminals;
  • receives SMS messages from mobile terminals;
  • sends messages to m.SMSCore for processing;
  • sends delivery confirmation reports;
  • requests call forwarding information from the HLR.
m.SMSCore implements the logic of the m.SMSC+ service, for example:
  • filtering messages using the "black" and "white" lists;
  • filtering binary service messages;
  • providing for the scheduled delivery of messages;
  • maintaining message logs;
  • appending the user's signature to messages;
  • converting messages into SMS Flash format;
  • replacing the sender's SMS number with a line specified in the subscriber's profile;
  • generates autoresponder messages;
  • exchanges messages with IM services using the m.IMGate module.

A WEB interface provides subscribers with access to m.SMSC+ service settings via the Internet.

The m.SMShdlr module manages messages sent per a schedule and list of recipients specified by the subscriber.

m.IMGate is an IM service gateway. The gateway is capable of connecting to most IM servers. The basic package includes interfaces to ICQ, Jabber, and Google Talk.

Subscription DB is a subscriber profile archive.

Message storage is a database of delayed-delivery messages.

Logs Statistics are message and statistics logs.

The m.Charge module handles delivery billing of messages from external applications and of messages sent according to a schedule.

Platform statistics are collected and processed by the m.Stat application.

System monitoring is performed by the m.Check application.