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MMS Center

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The m.MMSC platform is a fully functional center for handling MMS messages.

The platform's modular architecture offers high scalability.

A capability is provided to integrate with MMS centers of other vendors.

m.MMSC - MMS Center - MMS Processing Platform

A MM message from the sending subscriber is delivered to the m.MMSS MMS server via a WAP gateway and an m.MMSR router. The m.WAP platform may be used as the WAP gateway.

m.MMSS sends the receiving subscriber a push SMS via the m.PPG Push Gateway and supports downloading of the MM message via m.MMSR.

If the recipient's terminal doesn't support MMS or if the message cannot be delivered immediately, the receiving subscriber can access the MM message from a computer or other terminal via the WEB/WAP interface of the m.MMSlegacy module.

m.MMSS provides interfaces for integration with MMS roaming partners, e-mail servers, service providers, and billing platforms.

Upon installation of the m.MMSbuilder WEB application, Internet users can create, save, and sent MM messages to subscribers.

The m.MMSender application gives the operator the ability to send informational and promotional MM message mailings.

The distribution includes:
  • A software license agreement;
  • Documentation;
  • Warranted technical support.
In addition, we can perform:
  • Installation and integration tasks;
  • Personnel training;
  • Customization for the customer's infrastructure;
  • Technical support after the end of the warranty period.