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A Video and Photo Web Blog with SMS and MMS Support


m.Blog is a software kernel that permits the creation of system for managing Internet-based journals (blogs).

In addition to conventional functionality, m.Blog allows the use of the following capabilities aimed at cellular network subscribers:
  • publishing entries via SMS;
  • publishing entries via MMS;
  • receiving m.Blog notifications via SMS;
  • utilizing all m.Blog functions via a WAP interface.
m.Blog - A Video and Photo Web Blog with SMS and MMS Support

The m.Blog system implements a "bonus" mechanism to encourage users to make active use of this system.

The structure of m.Blog permits implementation of a graphic design and a customer's corporate style during the integration phase.

System statistics are collected and processed by the m.Stat application.

System monitoring is performed by the m.Check application.

The distribution includes:
  • A software license agreement;
  • Implementation of the customer's corporate style;
  • Documentation;
  • Warranted technical support.
In addition, we can perform:
  • Installation and integration tasks;
  • Personnel training;
  • Customization for the customer's infrastructure;
  • Technical support after the end of the warranty period.