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Access to subscriber IP session information


A combined hardware and software platform for accessing records and sessions m.VRadius is intended to provide external applications with data regarding correspondence of subscriber telephone numbers (MSISDN) and IP addresses, used by them for Internet access.

m.VRadius - Access to Subscriber IP Session Information

The m.Radius server, which is part of the platform, receives session information from a NAS (Network Access Server) from the operator's Radius servers.

Session information is saved in the cache of the m.VRadCore module and the session database.

External applications can obtain the following information:
  • the MSISDN of a given IP;
  • the MSISDN of a given IP at a specified time in the past;
  • the IP of a given MSISDN;
  • the IP of a given MSISDN at a specified time in the past;
  • the start and update time of the session and the time of repeated address use
  • permitted RADIUS attributes for a given IP, as well as APM, GGSN, SGSN, etc. (including in the past);
  • permitted RADIUS attributes for a given MSISDN (including in the past).

To access session information, external applications can use the C/C++ API, JAVA API, and the VRadius protocol directly. Both API alternatives and the description of the VRadius protocol are part of the m.VRadius distribution.

The platform permits interaction with m.VRadius platforms of other operators, delegating requests from external applications to them for sessions of roaming subscribers.

The distribution includes:
  • A software license agreement;
  • Documentation;
  • Warranted technical support.
In addition, we can perform:
  • Installation and integration tasks;
  • Personnel training;
  • Customization for the customer's infrastructure;
  • Technical support after the end of the warranty period.